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Debt Recovery

Pursuing an outstanding debt due from an individual can present its own set of problems. Often the debt may relate to a loan given to a friend or family member and a higher degree of tact and diplomacy is required. We ensure that the monies are recovered in a firm, yet courteous fashion in the hope that ‘normal relations’ can be restored on settlement of the debt. Regardless of the nature of the debt we have the collective experience and ability to guide you through the process and enhance your prospects of a full recovery.

Statistics confirm that if you allow a debt to fester, the greater the likelihood that it will remain unpaid. Act now!  As a rule of thumb even though you have 6 years in which to commence a claim, the quicker you act, the greater the chance you will have of recovering the debt. Time therefore is of the essence.

Often debts of this nature are not disputed and are capable of resolution without the need for litigation. Alternatively if a court claim were to be issued, a default judgment may quickly be obtained for the recovery of the debt, interest and fixed court costs and fees, should the defendant fail to reply to the claim.

Whatever the nature of the debt owed to you, no matter how large or small, we would welcome the opportunity to arrange for its recovery. Please do not hesitate to contact us, free of charge, to assess the problem and advise you on the best path to recover the debt.




Graeme Weir


James Head

Chartered Legal Executive

Apart from the initial registration fee, our fees are geared to being chargeable only on collection of the debt. Because of this policy, we have every incentive to secure the debt. All court fees and fixed costs are recoverable from the debtor on successful conclusion of the action.

As of 1 April 2015 the initial registration fee is £60 for debts of any amount.

"I was very impressed by the swift , professional recovery action by yourself and your colleagues and would not hesitate to contact you again if neccessary..."

"Thank you for your support, advice and knowledge. Your ability to play with the big boys is really first class!"